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I know Les Schwab is being sued for pushing unnecessary fixes on people. Well here’s another. My 2013 Santa Fe had 60,000 miles on its original tires and they needed replaced. (No problem so far.) I hadn’t rotated them which I knew had lead to unnecessary wear and cupping. However, instead of finding out if I’d rotated them regularly their proposed fix (which I didn’t ask for) was to replace my shocks and struts at a cost of about $1,2000,... Read more

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We ordered a tire for our motorhome. Went in to the Brookings Oregon store. Waited almost 2 hours to find out the *** that took the order by phone never did order the tire! Now we have to drive to Grants Pass to get the tire. Not very happy. This isn't the first time this store has screwed us or tried to. While on vacation, we took one of our other vehicles in for a tire & we were told it needed rotors, bearings & a bunch of other things. ... Read more

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I would highly advise avoiding this business. It has become clear that the mechanics are inept, unable to recognize a simple rotor problem despite my statement that the problem I had originally brought the vehicle in for was a brake issue. Instead, they claimed it was a control arm causing the issue. $250 later, with a new control arm, I leave and the vehicle is still having the same issue. I bring it back, and now all of a sudden they 'legally'... Read more

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I filed a complaint with Oregon's Attorney General Consumer Protection Office after they refused to honor their warranty, AND sold me a bunch of "repairs" I did not need. New calipers, new pads, the whole $250 shootin match and ALL I really needed was to have the rotors turned. Les Schwab refuses to use Email so be sure to record your phone calls with them (legal in Oregon). Les Schwab sux and is dis honoring a fine man, who was their founder. ... Read more

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Les Schwab Tire Centers - Review in Service Centers and Repairs category from Spokane, Washington
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This month i needed drive tires on my dump truck and happen to be at a local salvage yard buying a wiper motor and found these tires in the pictures for a great price. I purchased the tires and called les Schwab to have someone come out and mount them, i did not have time to drop the truck and tires off at their shop and was willing to pay for the service call. What i got on the phone from Brad at the alki shop in Spokane was an interrogation!... Read more

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I'm 56 and I have been dealing with Les Scwab all my life. I usually get great service. But the last 4-5 times i've gone into the Queensgate store in Richland Washington the service has been horrible. Not just for myself but for a lot of people. Ive seen many finally just walk away because they could not get helped. No one comes out to greet you and you are ignored at the counter. I believe we will start taking our business else where. Read more

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Les Schwab Tire Centers - West Seattle Les Schwab store refuses to replace Tire.
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For years I have always had excellent service with the Burien Les Schwab store. I recommended you to a neighbor family. Their son, Jesse Ritchie bought 2 tires from your West Seattle Store about 3-4 months ago. One tire went flat because of a gash on the tire just adjacent to the tire tread. Jesse took it to the West Seattle Store and he was told 5/14/16 that it was caused by someone slashing his tire and therefore was not under warranty. He... Read more

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We have had to use their services several times in the five month vacation we took back in 2010. Every one was a pleasure. Their staffs was very helpful, and timely, they made us feel like we were special and worthy of their time. Their service reps performed their duties in a timely manner and generally were finished before we could finish the pop corn. We have purchased new tires for our truck and 5th wheel and our tractor and I will... Read more

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We had something (probably a bolt) stuck in our truck came out and the tire went flat. We went to Les Schwab in South Ogden and they fixed it for free. :) We didn't even buy the tire from there...we will definitely be back when we need new tires!

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I like Les Schwab but yesterday I was disappointed by a local store in Salt Lake City , 2100 S & Redwood. I blew a tire just off the highway and needed my spare mounted so I called the closest store and was told that they would be able to have someone come out within the hour. Knowing they were probably busy that seemed fair and I agreed. Then I received a call from the assistant manger Nick who told me that they wouldn’t be able to help me... Read more

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