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Took my ATV in for a wheel change on one tire but I had a spinning lug not and couldn't remove the existing wheel. I was told that they don't have the lug nuts and don't work on ATV's. First time in twenty years Les Schwab has let me down. I will remember this in a couple of months when I need $1000.00 worth of tires on my Jeep. I always thought they worked on wheels and tires. That's ok though, Commercial Tire and Bruneel Tire is just around the corner. Maybe while they are fixing my current wheel problem I will buy some new tires for my Jeep. Read more

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I have a f250 with under 60k miles. I had the Franklin store to do some front suspension work in august of 2015. They quoted me a price to do the work and a time frame, They then call me back after dropping truck off three times to adjust the price. ( "we forgot parts in the quote" My bill started at $873 and ended at $1275) also forgot to shimmy drive line, and proper tourqe on my U- Bolts. Since then I have had my truck to all 3 bend locations about 8 times replacing an array of parts that are causing the problem In there OPINION....(Sway... Read more

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At time of purchasing tires and shock repair, seemed great. Now, service on tire with screw in it, can't fix and won't put back on truck. Got to buy new tire. Can't do alignment unless purchase new struts, which where replaced by them 14 months ago. According to them struts need to be replaced every year at $1,100 per repair. What a ***...... Going back to Discount. Why I went to Les Schwab in the first place?? Always got great service at Discount Tire. The staff seems to be pressured into lying to customers to get them to purchase... Read more

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Poor customer service, cold coffe, Ashley wouldnt make the little one popcorn because it was half an hour before closing. Add comment

Back in the sportsman show, I stopped in at Schwab's booth and got a qoutefor Toyo tires. Asked when they wil be on sale I was told the spring tire sale. Got on sale quote, same price no change, all smoke and mirros. Fake sale. Regular price no sale Add comment

I went to Stevensville location about 11 months ago purchased two new tires for the front of my van. I waited for nearly 3hrs to get two new tires installed! I noticed some unusual wear on the front tires. I looked at my paper work and seen that there was under 15k on the new set of tires purchased. I went to the Stevensville location to have them looked at and was told that they would not be covered under warranty, but they could sell me a new set! I laughed and walked out. I have been to three different repair shops trying to figure... Read more

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100% FULL

Les Swab sold me their top of the line Open Country TOYO tires. However, they failed to tell me there was a difference between the Chinese Open Country Toyo tire and the US. Toyo tire. I can tell you what the difference is because I was given the Chinese Toyo. It wears out so fast it's almost funny. I got 13,000 miles on their Chinese Toyo tires. I took my truck in and they told me that I pulled a trailer so I must have abused the tires. At the time, I didn't know why they wore out so fast. It was when I started talking to other people who... Read more

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They contacted me once and asked me again to tell them what happened and I have not heard back from them again so it really does no good they act if they are concerned and then they just forget about it, all's I know is that I will never go to Les Schwab again one bad time was enough for me thank you for doing what you do I think it is time for some of these big companies to own up to what happens at there locations .Thanks again and I will continue to tell everyone especially my women friends about my visit to our local Les Schwab. Read more

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I went to State Line store on Seltice Rd. in Post Falls Idaho this morning; first time customer. I asked about a schedule for taking my snow tires off and putting my summer tires on. The guy at the counter (Greg) said oh we are backed up about 1 1/2 hours. OK I said. "I have to run a few errands. I'll be back" "Oh, how much?" What kind of vehicle he asked? Pointing out front through the windows I said, that F150 out front. You'd be looking at 60.00 for 15-16 inch wheels. 17 and 18 inch are more to which I replied "I'm think they are 16s." I... Read more

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Had my winter tires put on and after leaving there was a not that said I had a slash in one of my tires that need replaced when remounting in the one told me about it after I paid for the mounting of my winter tires...I Always check my tires and don't drive off road, pretty sure the cut them so I'd have to buy need tires from them cause my summer tires were stock with only a few miles on them...don't trust these thieves here, they try and nickel and dime you for everything and when they can't they make up *** so you have to pay!!! Read more

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