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Bought tires in Les Schwabb Brigham utah. Has slow leak and went back fir free tire repair. Salesman was quite rude (derrick or derrin) refused to honor warranty at the same store i bought the tires and charged me $15 to repair my Les Schwabb tire. Funding sales receipt and getting refund. I cannot trust their business and not going back. Add comment

I have LS tires on my pickup,car,jeep,motorhome,and both my trailers. I go in for a bid on new toyos for my taurus. They quoted me $80 over msrp per tire. I will never drive into their parking lot again. Add comment

  • May 11
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Tires Service
  • 23

I bought a complete set of their premium top of the line les schwab tires they didn't put the lug nuts on tight enough and ruined my $400 aluminum rim so they replaced it with a $12 steel painted silver and so when I get a flat tire at the lake they decide they want to charge me $9 an hour to come out and fix the flat that I bought their premium service for and now they're not going to honor that... Read more

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Broken hubcap was not told Said i needed repairs when i did not. Loyal coustmer for 20yts Add comment

I visited les Schwab today was told I needed 3 new tires one of which was marginal the technician pulled the center of the valve stem out to keep me from using it. The tire was fine when I brought it in. Add comment

  • Apr 30
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • 30

Ask their attorneys, I bet they wont say a word. they cover up everything bad, have attorneys gag everyone and don't even let government agency's do their job as needed. I wouldn't trust them to step in dog sh^t. The management philosophy is " it's only a lie if they find out" and yes that was from the horse's mouth. If you have a friend working there you are set thou, you wont have any problem... Read more

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I changed the brakes on my wife's car 2 weeks ago. Today one of the bolts for the caliper came out. My wife took it to a nearby les schwab from her work and was quoted $327.00 plus tax for the repair of replacing the bolt. Add comment

  • Apr 21
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Brake Service
  • 37

I paid over $440 for my brake job and it's even worse than before. Now the car shakes and brakes really inefficiently. I will never trust Les Schwab for anything... It really upsets me that I paid more than what the dealer would charge and overall service sucked and quality of brake work was even worse. Les Schwab, you lost a 20 year loyal customer. I will never trust you again. The Les... Read more

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3 different locations. Always takes longer than told. Nails left in tires until Winter. Too busy to do a change over and take out nails. How come a valve stem repair came before my car when I came in before? Add comment

  • Apr 18
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Alignment
  • 32

We took our truck into the Sutherlin, OR Les Schwab because our left side ball joint snapped we asked them to check the right side as well they told us the right side looked fine and actually looked like the ball joints on that side had already been done we picked up our truck a day or two later about a month after this we had our truck lifted the day we got it back we took it to the same... Read more

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