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At about 70000 miles on a new truck i had the brakes done at Les Schwab. In 37000 miles since i am now putting on my 3rd set of front brakes.

The last sent lasted only 12000 miles. Why then do i have to ask that they put the best possible brakes on my truck? Why did i not get the best in the first place?

I was told that the second set of brakes were not covered by their "wonderful" warantee and now we are on the third set. I got over 60000 miles of the factory brakes, I would think i would do better with the aftermarket set.

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I would like to know what size of a truck is it cause there are brake pads out there that will work better compared to what Les Schwab carries in-house like ceramic pads.

I do not know if you know this but 80% of your braking comes from the front 20% in the rear other factors are do you tow or haul heavy loads, other problem could be that the brake calipers are not releasing so these are only suggestion for i am not there to see it for my self.

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