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Les Schwab has to be the worst company I have ever come accost! I have had many problems with them so I'll talk about the 2 worst...

On my Ford Focus my tires had over 1/2 the tread life on them and when I took my car in so the tires could be rotated they said there were no tread left and I was lucky the tires didn't fail. What!? I have had their tires before and nothing like this happened so it isn't my driving (like they said it was). Second on my mom's van they put the wrong size tires on.

We noticed this because in a span of 3 months all 4 of the tires plus replacement tires were destroyed while driving, again causing a potential fatal injury. How can someone that is labeled as a professional not know what type of tires to put on a van? They even looked the size up! And after all of that no discounts except from the warranty.

Shouldn't a company that almost killed 2 of its customers offer free replacement tires? The manager was funny and said that he has the same tires on his daughter's car and trusts the tires, my reply to him was, you must not love your daughter! Anyway NEVER go to Les Schwab your life may depend on it, I sure won't be! Oh and they put my dad's tries on backwards!

Again if you are labeled a professional how do you make that mistake. The common theme is they don't give a crap and just want your money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Les Schwab Tire Centers Tires Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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