went in to have tire checked at the Renton Les Swaub. just had whole front end of vehicle repainted a month ago.

washed and waxed car yesterday and there was no damage. Car was not driven after washing and waxing except to take to get tire fixed. after tire was serviced there were multiple deep gauges in the front fender side where tire was repaired. there were still paint chips hanging on damage area.

showed shop manager and told him that these chips would not still be hanging if the damage had taken place somewhere else and the car had been driven.

shop manager claimed that there was no way that he could have done the damage.

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Another Company ***, badmouthing someone who complains about careless and sloppy work, they obviously need better supervision at Les Schwab.


There isn't one tool that a tire store has that could chip paint, and just for a tire check you shouldn't have left your car. It is a simple look and see process.

to Haha #1448379

Its called a floor jack handle and yes they use those in a tire shop

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