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On November 17, 2010, I took my 1969 VW Beetle to the Les Schwab store located at 2555 Reno HWY, Fallon, NV 89406 to have the brakes inspected. I told the technician, Jeff E., the problem I was experiencing with the new brakes that my husband had installed on my car: pulling to the right, a grinding noise coming from the passenger front wheel, and the driver's side front wheel grabbing to the point it almost locked up the wheel. I further explained to the technician that I did not feel safe driving the car with these problems and asked him to please check the brake system to determine what the problems were so that I could get them repaired. He stated that he could do that and that the problems did sound like something that definitely was "not good." After approximately forty-five minutes, the technician told me that he had inspected the brakes, taken my car for a test drive, that the brake system was perfect, all of the new brake system parts my husband had installed were put in absolutely correct, and that I "was good to go." I explained to the technician that I commute to Reno, NV to attend college at the University of Nevada Reno four days a week and I needed to make sure that my car was safe to drive and that the braking system was indeed operating correctly. The technician re-stated that everything was in perfect condition, sometimes new brakes needed a "breaking in period of up to two-hundred miles," and that I should have no problems making my commute. I then asked the technician if he could adjust the carburetor on my car as the idle needed a little fine tuning. He stated that Les Schwab does not work on drive trains but deals with tires only. I am not a mechanic but I do know that the carburetor is not part of the drive train but a component of the fuel system.

As I made my commute to Reno that day, I noticed that I was still experiencing the same problems with my car but, considering the technician's assurance that my braking system was perfect, I continued my drive. The following day, November 18, 2010, while making my drive to Reno the driver's side wheel cap fell off somewhere on I-80 West and my speedometer stopped working. Several miles down the road, the driver's side wheel locked up causing my car to careen across Interstate 80. I was able to regain control of the car before I hit the guard rail and thankfully there was no one in the other lane or I would have been involved in a very serious accident. I pulled the car to the side of the road and, after inspecting the driver's side front wheel, I noticed that there were metal shavings around the center wheel nut that holds the drum on the car and there was a strong smell of hot metal. I managed to get to Reno by driving very slow and staying in the emergency lane. The driver's side front wheel locked up several more times before I arrived at the University. Once there, I called the Les Schwab store in Fallon and spoke with the manager, Ray. I explained to him that I had brought my car into his store the day before to have the brakes checked and the problems I had been experiencing. I informed him that his technician said the brake system was perfect. Ray told me that the technician who worked on my car was not a brake technician and that there was not a brake technician on duty the day I brought my car into his store. Because the brake technician was not in the day I took my car in to have the brake system inspected, all Jeff E., the technician who worked on my car, could do was to look through a small opening at the brake pads and check to see if they were in good condition. I further explained to Ray that Jeff had not told me that he was not a brake technician and that there was not a brake technician on duty that day. Had I known Jeff was not a brake technician I would not have let him inspect my car's brake system. Ray put me on hold while he spoke with Jeff and, when he returned to the phone, Ray stated that his technician did tell me he was not a brake technician and that there was not a brake technician on duty that day. Ray also said that he did not like being lied to and someone was lying to him. I explained to Ray that I was not lying and reiterated the very frightening experience I had on the highway that morning. Ray started getting upset at this point and asked me what I wanted him to do about my problem. I stated that I wanted him to fix my car because I had it in his store the previous day to have problems checked out and was told there was nothing wrong with my car's brake system. He said he would not repair my car because his store did not install the brakes on the car. I again explained to Ray that I had brought my car into his store to have the brake system checked because my husband had installed all new components throughout the entire brake system and I was experiencing some problems that needed to be looked at and repaired. He again said that all his store could have done at the time I brought my car in to be inspected was to check the brake pads. I again stated that his technician did not tell me he was not a brake technician and that his technician had assured me that my car's brake system was "perfect." Ray continued to get upset and then put Jeff E., the technician who worked on my car, on the phone. Jeff stated that he had informed me that he was not a brake technician and that there was not a brake technician on duty that day. By this time I was beginning to become upset and to the point of tears because Ray, the manager, and Jeff, the technician, were basically calling me a liar and telling me that they were not responsible for the damages that my car sustained after I had brought it into the Les Schwab store in Fallon to be inspected for potential problems in the brake system. Ray stated that he could try to get me an appointment with a Les Schwab in the Reno, NV area but that I would be responsible for paying for the repairs to my car's brake system because in his opinion, his store did nothing to cause damage to my car. I again stated that the reason I had taken my car into the Les Schwab in Fallon, NV was that my husband had replaced the entire brake system on my car and that I was having problems with it. I went on to again inform Ray that I needed to have the problems identified and repaired on the day that I took my car into his store. He continued being angry with me and when he became rude and forcefully told me he was not responsible for the damage my car sustained, he was not going to pay for any repairs, and we had gone over the same issues several times with Ray becoming angry and rude being the only result, I told Ray that I was going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, never take any vehicle I own to his store for any reason, and let everyone I know that the Les Schwab store in Fallon, NV is no place to take your vehicle and ended the call.

I feel that the damage caused to my car is due to the negligence of Les Schwab in Fallon, NV and that they should be held responsible for the repairs that will now have to be done to my car to make it safe to drive again. Had Les Schwab's technician thoroughly inspected the brake system as I asked him to do and repaired any problems found at that time, I could have avoided a very frightening experience on a busy highway as well as damage to a new brake system on my car.

Review about: Les Schwab Tire Centers Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #1188050

Uh, lady... They're not responsible for the damage to your car? Seems like your husband didn't know what he was doing.


Yeah... Super old brake systems, such as the original VW bug can lock out even if they are visually correct.

It is a 4-wheel drum system. If you apply too much pressure, too fast, they will lock.

You have no case, legally speaking, against the shop.

I'd recommend you buy a car that has 4-wheel disk with ABS.

Redwood City, California, United States #922924

Are you kidding? This is whats wrong with our country.

Everyone wants a free ride. Your car is a 40 year old P.O..S.

and your husband cant fix it. Reality check.

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #843515

They didn't install your brakes. Your husband did. They don't owe you a single thing.

Hachenburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #217995

I can't believe you think they are responsible when they did not touch your car. Get real lady.

to Cindie Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #584386

your also an ***.


Thanks for the advice! I had a free brake check on my Honda Accord which has 146,000 miles on it.

It has never had the brakes done.

I have no problems with my brakes,but maybe I should get a second opinion! :roll

Allenton, Michigan, United States #213494

Dont blame others for your husbands mistakes!! They owe you nothing.

Thats what you get for being a CHEAPO!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :x :x :sigh :sigh :sigh

to me Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #584385

your an ***

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