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This is a warning to all consumers Do Not Buy Anything from Les Schwab tire center!!! Their "warranty" is false advertising.

My wife and I got our breaks done on our vehicle and before we even paid them off they were bad and needed to be replaced. We had noticed some squeeking that sounded like they needed to be replaced but the Les Schwab attendant assured us it was just break dust and only needed to be cleaned. Well a month later they had deteriorated so bad that they needed immediate replacement so we went back to les schwab thinking we were coverd by the "warranty". well it turns out we were a month out from the warranty and would need to pay full price again!!!

And now the 60 month battery I purchased from them wont hold a charge after 18 mos and once again the "warranty" doesnt exist.

They say its only one year 100% coverd and after that its pro rated so I need to pay a portion of the warranty to get a new one!!! The moral to this story is dont believe the hype of Les Schwab its a false sense of security when u purchase anything from this company!!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Sounds like most warranties, read the paper and remember what your momma taught you "there is no free lunch".


So, because you did not read the warranty you should get free brakes? then you use a battery for 18 months and think you should get another for no charge!

my warranty clearly states that after a certain amount of time it will be pro-rated!! read the warranty and quit crying!!

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