Les Schwab Tire Centers Car Repair Reviews

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I went to this store, ask them how much for rotation, break check, they say all free, free labor. when i went to get my car they ask me to pay 61.65 for alignment, they never call me or ask me if i wanted to do it, they just did it and gave me a paper with randoms numbers in red and green saying i needed it, but is my car my choice, i didnt have enought money to pay that, even i paid is not fair i try to contact them but they keep aboiding me .
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I would highly advise avoiding this business.It has become clear that the mechanics are inept, unable to recognize a simple rotor problem despite my statement that the problem I had originally brought the vehicle in for was a brake issue. Instead, they claimed it was a control arm causing the issue. $250 later, with a new control arm, I leave and the vehicle is still having the same issue. I bring it back, and now all of a sudden they 'legally'...
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I filed a complaint with Oregon's Attorney General Consumer Protection Office after they refused to honor their warranty, AND sold me a bunch of "repairs" I did not need. New calipers, new pads, the whole $250 shootin match and ALL I really needed was to have the rotors turned. Les Schwab refuses to use Email so be sure to record your phone calls with them (legal in Oregon). Les Schwab sux and is dis honoring a fine man, who was their founder. ...
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I didn't like
  • Naked greed
  • Greed
In the past i have always went to les schwab for my tires, i have a total of six cars,so id say ive bought my fair share of tires, normally service is great, untill i decided to pull into the mukilteo les schawb on the mukikteo speedway for a simple patch, the store was not busy,it didnt have but one or two other customers .but from the moment i parked my car the service was terrible, the employees was rude to myself and another customer that...
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