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I worked for Les 27 years ago and have been a faithful customer at the same store for that time. I recently purchased a set of tires online and they wanted $110.00 TO MOUNT AND BALANCE.

They said they would charge me $30.00 extra since I didnt purchase them there. I went to the 4x4 center in Caldwell Idaho and they did it for $70.00 and that included troubleshooting my TPS sensors and recalibrating them. I will never spend another dime at Les Schwab....

I will be taking my extended familys business to the 4x4 center also. I hope the 4 installers that were doing nothing appricate how much Les Schwab appricates its customers.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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You purchase tires online from another company, and you feel slighted because they were going to charge you for instal, they have lost nothing!! Good luck on your warranty's


Tlaney you are such a hypocrite. Like the previous two people pointed out, you claim to be a loyal customer of Les Schwab, yet you did not even buy those tires there!

To recap, you claim to be soooo loyal to that particular store, but you did not buy tires there and you also went elsewhere to have them installed to save a few bucks.

Why should the store do any favors to you? They know that all your loyalty goes out the window if you can skimp on a few bucks.


If you buy tires online, you are not supposting the community you live in. Your the cause of our failing economy. Thanks.


Your right, you should get something for nothing....They should mount them for free right??? Such a loyal customer buying your tires online.


Ever think they were purposely telling you to go #@$^ yourself??? Cause I would be> Dumba$$.

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