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I have been a satisfied customer for more then 30 years. I have an account with them that is in good standing.

There is a new Les Schwab store in Grants Pass, Oregon which is closer to my home so I called them to get a quote on a set of new tiers for my Jeep and asked them to check my account to see if I have enough to charge them. I was told yes call us before you come in to make sure we have the ones you want, I was advised. I called a second time asking the same question and checking again on my credit with them and was told no problem. I was unable to go in on that day and had to wait a couple more weeks.

I called a third time and asked the same question do you have the tiers and is my credit enough to charge them, same answer, yes. When I went in to the GP shop and told the salesman I had called and was now ready to get the set of tires I was given a new credit application and told I had to fill it out because now I'm at a new shop. I was spoken to rudely because I didn't have my work address and phone and didn't have other credit information to include. I told the guy I have an account and was told I could use it before I came in and they should already have the information.

Again I was treated rudely. I tore up the application and told him I would go back to the store in Medford where I usually shop. This was a big waste of time going to this shop.

I could always depend on their great service but no more at least at this location. Shrug

Product or Service Mentioned: Les Schwab Tire Centers Customer Care.

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Vote with your wallet. Don't like a place ?

Stay away. I drive right past other offices of my bank to patronize the branch I like ; there is a difference between them and that is usually the personnel involved and their level of knowledge. Same thing with the hardware store ; I pass by the big chain warehouses to patronize our local, smaller but very well stocked and extremely helpful *** Hardware.

I've had to teach Banking 101 to some of the branch banks and basic mechanics, painting, and physics at the warehouse. Whatever you do, don't get emotionally involved, just move on ...

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