All together my family have purchased 4 sets of Eclipse Tires with a rating of 7000- miles my Dodge van had to be replaced at 37000 miles I had the front end aligned at the same time. My son put the same tires on his grand pix he is coming up on 37000 miles and tread...
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My left caliper locked up while visiting Seaside, Oregon so I brought it to les schwab to get it replaced. They only do your entire brakes (calipers, rotors, pads-over $580 and a complete SCAM) but everything else was practically new so I replaced it myself for $20 and...
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Seaside, Oregon

Les Schwab Tire Centers - Batteries

I also went through two sets of batteries on my F 350. They did replace them twice at no charge, however in both cases they were less than a year old. ( F-350 takes two batteries)
La Pine, Oregon
The CDA IDAHO store likes to charge $105.00 to install a battery and double the price of a battery than should be.. No invoice given to her either charged $275.00 .... for a group 35 battery $89.00 battery This is ridiculous they should not be in business the way they...
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Les Schwab has to be the worst company I have ever come accost! I have had many problems with them so I'll talk about the 2 worst... On my Ford Focus my tires had over 1/2 the tread life on them and when I took my car in so the tires could be rotated they said there...
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I stopped in at our Shelton Les Schwab tire center with a nail in my tire, fully expecting to pay to have it repaired. To my surprise, the friendly person who took my information also told me, "No charge". To me, this goes above and beyond good service. This company...
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I liked
  • Excellent customer service and quick turn around time
Customer service? AWFUL. So my son use to work for them and he replaced our brakes for us under his employee discount so we didn’t pay for labor. The brakes are now going bad. My son is no longer an employee. They will not honor the warranty for the brakes because my...
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My wife took our van to Les Schwab last week because it was making some funny sounds in the front tire area. After they took a look at the van the told us that they could get all of the problems fixed for $250. We live on a tight budget and it took us a few days to be...
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Ontario, Oregon
I didn't like
  • Lack of common courtesy
Les Schwab Tire Centers - Nightmare!!
Last week I arrived home only to hear air leaking from a driver's side rear tire. I made the decision to go to a nearby Les Schwab in West Linn. By the time I arrived, I couldn't hear air leaking, but for obvious reasons, I went inside. I told the man at the counter...
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Contact Les Schwab Tire Centers

Mailing Address:
Les Schwab Tire Center
PO Box 5350
Bend, Oregon 97708
United States
(541) 416-5140
A previous trip to Les Schwab tire center in Benton City, Wa. was expensive but the job was completed in a day’s time. Two years later, the same trip was completely different. I had the same work done, replacement of a tractor tire rim. The crew that works there now...
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