Les Schwab has to be the worst company I have ever come accost! I have had many problems with them so I'll talk about the 2 worst... On my Ford Focus my tires had over 1/2 the tread life on them and when I took my car in so the tires could be rotated they said there...
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I stopped in at our Shelton Les Schwab tire center with a nail in my tire, fully expecting to pay to have it repaired. To my surprise, the friendly person who took my information also told me, "No charge". To me, this goes above and beyond good service. This company...
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I liked
  • Excellent customer service and quick turn around time
Customer service? AWFUL. So my son use to work for them and he replaced our brakes for us under his employee discount so we didn’t pay for labor. The brakes are now going bad. My son is no longer an employee. They will not honor the warranty for the brakes because my...
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My wife took our van to Les Schwab last week because it was making some funny sounds in the front tire area. After they took a look at the van the told us that they could get all of the problems fixed for $250. We live on a tight budget and it took us a few days to be...
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Ontario, Oregon
I didn't like
  • Lack of common courtesy
Les Schwab Tire Centers - Nightmare!!
Last week I arrived home only to hear air leaking from a driver's side rear tire. I made the decision to go to a nearby Les Schwab in West Linn. By the time I arrived, I couldn't hear air leaking, but for obvious reasons, I went inside. I told the man at the counter...
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A previous trip to Les Schwab tire center in Benton City, Wa. was expensive but the job was completed in a day’s time. Two years later, the same trip was completely different. I had the same work done, replacement of a tractor tire rim. The crew that works there now...
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I went to the Les Schwab center in Stayton, OR this morning, to get a battery for my 1987 Nissan Pathfinder. Old but it is useful here on the farm. The battery was old and no longer hold or take a charge. I took the battery in to have it replaced, carrying it in a...
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This store uses unskilled workers. And doesn't stand behind the mistakes they make. On top of everything else I had to listen as he vented attitude. Don't make the same mistake I did. Try another store. They charge me to rebuild my tire sensors when I purchased new...
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Everyone charges to rebuild sensor service kits you fool. You think they get if for free from the manufacture? Get over yourself *** hat. Incompetent and in educated. Don’t ta...

definitely details rims and tires today bought Saturday asked them to deliver they said it would be 100.00 for 5 miles our car is disabled we just spent 500.00 and we have to ask our neighbors for a ride early Saturday morning of course les schwabbs guys are jumping...
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You are asking for a free service call. Not likely. Ask the people with $6000 earthmover tires if they get a free service call.


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Chubbuck Idaho Store First I should say that I have been a customer for over twenty five years. I had a great relationship with Tom until he retired. Took my f-350 in to have tires rotated. instead of the quick in and out service I was used too. Tire guy was checking...
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You’re mad at someone for simply recommending repairs to your truck that could potentially save your tires from irregular wear? ...... Wow what bad people. Did you lift the tr...