I was quoted 205 dollars to buy a particular tire and have it put on. I laughed left bought the tire brand new free shipping for less than 60.00 and went back and Ray put it on for 39.00 dollars. DON't buy tires from Ray there 100.00 more if your on his list. Twice now...
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After almost 17yrs as a customer I AM DONE. My mom took my wifes car to get a spin & rotate. Due to an alignment issue a front tire was too worn to be serviced. 4 new tires were needed (AWD SUV). They took the car home and notified my wife of the tire choices. Options...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to and mislead
They put wrong year brake parts on my car.Went back for high pitch sound(rubbing caliper housing that they shaved to fit)they claimed to not hear and supposably checked.They treated me like I was incompetent of knowing anything.I assumed due to being female.I went to...
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My 2002 ford expedition started leaking oil, So I took it to les swab and they told me the oil pan gasket was leaking and they wanted $700.00 to repair it!!! I left with my truck and went down the street where they fixed it, put a knew air filter on and changed the...
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m hop

Did this guy misspell Les Schwab or did he really get a bad deal from some outfit called Les Swab. Cause there is no Les Schwab south of Provo, Utah. ...and I\'ve always been...


I \"new\" that this was made up.


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