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I stopped at Les Schwab tire center to check on prices for snow chains while traveling to my parents house for Christmas. I was in a rental car and I figured I would make the trip, but wanted to see what chains ran "just in case."

The employee advised that I could return the chains on my way home the following week if I didn't use them and get a full refund. I though this was perfect because I would have the added piece of mind and not have to worry about getting stuck on the pass.

Well, the weather was okay going over the mountain and I never used the chains. On my way home to Las Vegas, from Oregon, I stopped at the same Les Schwab to return the unused chains and when I approached the greeter with the chains he told me that I could not return them until April. I never would have purchased the chains for a rental car had I been told this in the beginning. I feel that they led me into a purchase under false pretense and now they will not honor what their employee is telling customers.

I tried to deal with Les Schwab Corp and they said the same thing. Return them in April per their policy. I would have no issue with this if there was a Les Schwab close to my home. I think they tell people what they can to make a sell and hope that the customer does not return because they are travelers. POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!

I will never buy a thing from Les Schwab tire center.

Old man Les is probably rolling in his grave over the way they treat his customers now!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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The policy regarding return of tire chains is all over the internet, told to people buying the chains and posted in stores. Don't get upset because you didn't pay attention.

to jay c. gee #1611622

The employee should have known this policy as well!! If he is going to sell a product for a business he should know the correct return policy and mislead the consumer. Do you read the return policy on everything you buy even after an employee tells you you can return it next week if you do not use it?


Same thing happened to me...certainly was not explained you had to wait until April to return an unused product that I knew I did not need so that was a shock and then I just remembered I need to return them as I didn't use. Wonder how many people forget?


Let me get this straight -- you wanted to carry their chains for free and you got mad because they wouldn't refund you immediately. All rights then. Les Schwab actually has awesome service for customers who respect them.

to Abaraba #1440720

Their policy is to refund you IF you do not use them. I did not use them, therefore I was within the policy to return them.The employee gave inaccurate information on the return policy, so that is why this posting was created.I have received a full refund and Les Schwab got their chains back, but this post was created to let others know what to beware of when inquiring about snow cables/chains from Les Schwab.


You did not incur a $107 monetary loss unless you were too lazy to bring them back in April.

Sammamish, Washington, United States #1286884

I agree just had the same thing happen

Portland, Oregon, United States #1271304

I have been dealing with Les Schwab for years and that has always been their policy. Most tire centers tell you to return unused at the end of the season for studded tires in April or May. I just plan on that.

Medford, Oregon, United States #1244882

I understand your frustration but don't understand why you would blast them on social media. It says more about you then it does about them.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1247053

To warn others about their lack of customer service, and ability to honor what their employees tell the customer. If this posting helps another person avoid the headache that I endured, then I accomplished my mission.

to Anonymous #1260512

Does your receipt disclose any information on the return date stipulation ?

to Anonymous Aberdeen, Washington, United States #1328554

That's what Social Media is for. Now the next person can be more informed and ask for a copy of the return policy before purchase.

The customer is always right in my book. Les Schwab gets a C-.


This same exact thing just happened to me. I sincerely hate them


Remember you are getting the protection and benefit from having chains and later getting your money back if unused. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Return them later and be glad. Most stores would not let you return them at all.


I think we should ask a few questions if we think something is too good to be true? Seriously you are responsible for your receipt.

I have had way worse dealings with other businesses! Les is a straight shooter!

Boise, Idaho, United States #659101

I had the same thing happen to me a store in Boise, ID. I knew I would be driving over a few passes and bought chains just in case.

When I tried to return them I was told I had to wait until April. Fine. April comes and I try to return them. Can't.

No receipt. They try to look up my purchase and cannot find it in the computer.

I had to call numerous people at their corporate offices before I was authorized a refund. After much time wasting on my part I got a refund but will not do business with them again.

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