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Les Schwab is the biggest "JOKE" in town.Since the death of Mr Schwab the company has gone to the POOPER. I wish there was one person in the company that still has the HONESTY and INTEGRITY that Mr Schwab had when he was alive.

I am disgusted at the lack of quality service, and honesty the company now shows.

It is no better than a SNAKE OIL SALES MAN that sales snake oil to a snake. I am shocked and disgusted at the way the company allows its employees to run the company so RECKLESSLY, and UNCHECKED, and DISHONEST.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Bob S. What type of specifics would you like.

I have many to share with you..I even called the head quarters and was given the same runaround, by the corporate staff.

a total JOKE. Thats what LesSchwab is.


Hey Deano thats funny that you would write that because I was told you work for the company.Therefore I have nothing more to say about that.


Having been a coustomer for over twenty years now I have nothing bad to say about their service that is negative, at all.

Therefore I will end it here.............


I now have to pay another company $2500.00 to fix the Damage to my vehicle that LesSchwab in Lake Oswego caused to my car. Even after TWO other Lesschwab companies tried to fix the damage and admitted that the Lake oswego store put faulty parts on my vehicle and wrong parts.I called to speak with the Corporate office and they told me they might think about fixing it if I take them to court and hung up the phone.

This was the CEO of Les schwab who said this people. WTF...

what a CRAPY company...Any attorneys out there want a easy law suite I have all the Papers with the damages. 503-343-9719...


Les Schwab in Kent is a joke! Recently, my husband made an appointment to have new struts put on our car.

The appointment was two weeks away, allowing the company to prepare with needed parts. On the morning of said appointment, when my hasband appeared with the car, he was told that they didn't have the parts, but if he would come back in four hours, he could have new struts installed. WTF!

He went to Maple Valley auto repair, and they took care the car.............

on the spot. No appointment necessary!


Specific examples and information would be helpful. Giving blanket condemnations is not.

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