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I have always used Les Schwab for all my tire and brake needs until today. I asked to have my own used tires mounted and balanced then installed on my vehicle.

I already have wheels and snow tires mounted on my vehicle they just need to be removed and thrown in the back, I was quoted $180.00 I left and started calling other tire stores and the most expensive was $85.00 what I want to know is what would Les Schwab do to justify the extra $100.00 I cant think of on thing. I will never shop at Les Schwab again.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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AS a thirty year customer of L.S. I believe that there was a misunderstanding.

No L.S. store that I've ever had dealings with would have been outragously over prised. They have done the same job for me, with non-L.S. tires, for $40.00.

Even repaired a non-L.S.

tire free. However, I do belive that ocassionally bad decisions are made in every company.


ha... if we're going to go political about the economy- Employment was amazing in 2004.

After that the Dems took over congress and then it went down from there.

The President has far less to do with the economy compared to congress. Do your research, Mr Owner/Badass


Owner,operator thinks liberals are *** but he does'nt know how to use to or too in a sentance.BTW how did that 8 years of Bush work for you, talk about ***.


Wow are you dumb.

probably liberal to. He only had his size of tire and shopped the whole area finding L.S. To be $100.00 higher than every shop in the area. Thats wrong, And thats whats wrong most every industry.

look whats happened in housing. We the tax payer are having to bail out the banks for the very same reasoning you have stated. No we shouldn't just sit back and let the thieves do what they want its to risky and things will only get worse. Greed has always

proved to be catastrophic throughout history. Why people refuse to learn from the past is something I will never understand.

learn from history


The price depends on what kind/size of wheels you wanted to put on. And how would you feel if somebody brought in work for you to do that has absolutely nothing to do with your company.

You wouldn't want to do it and would want to charge a bit more. You're only somebody that is only looking for the best price....

not the best VALUE... Brenda is correct, you'll charged what I feel seems fair, if you don't like it, sorry.


wanted to thank you for seeing this the way I do, Times are tough right now for everyone, I firmly believe it is going to take everyone to give a little more for less, But big companies don't want to believe that us middle glass folks are trying to squeeze as much out of every doll we can. Instead they raise prices


Brenda Your an *** companies are trying ti rip people off and you ok with it. A 4 tire changeover for a passanger car should be no more than $50.00 or $80.00 for a suv or pick up. Lets see would you pay $180.00 if so let me do the work for you I could use the extra money.


Businesses have a right to charge whatever they want, and the customer has a right to pay it or go somewhere else. You called around and found a lower price.

If you agreed to the higher price before finding a better deal then you alone are to blame for your ignorance. I don't see a problem here.

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