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We recently moved to Tillamook OR and needed work done on our truck. We had the tillamook store replace our roders and put new wheels on our truck.

We also purchased tires for our car spending in total around 2,000 dollars. When we left the truck had a horrible shake/wobble in the front end. We had also notice they had scratched the center caps on the new wheels.They said they would order new ones and let us know when they come in. We returned later that week to have it looked at and retorch the new wheels.

They said its because chevy trucks have a pitman arm that goes out and needs to be replaced I asked it they could just rebalance the wheels and see if that works. They said they really didnt think that was the problem and wanted to replace the pitman arm and do a alignment. We were quoted another $350.00.They finally called and said the new center caps were in two weeks later. We went in at the end of the week to pick them up and they only had two out of four.

I again talked to them about the shake.They then wanted to resurface our new roders uh I THINK NOT. They said a balance wouldnt fix the problem so I told them I would be back to pick up the center caps when they had all four,and they said they would call. A week went by and still nothing so I went in there, they had no idea who was suppose to order them blamming eachother saying I thought so and so was supposed to order them. Totally clueless to who did or didnt.

So they never got ordered, again waiting. One more week I called and they said they were in. My husband went in on his way to work to pick them up and they couldnt find them. He left..

They called me and said they found them and I could bring the rig in to put them on. I told them I no longer wanted them to touch my rig and my buisness was going elswhere. We had to sign a release so we could pick up our center caps to ensure the old ones where brought back.. What to send to the factory as shipped damaged and get the money for the ones they scratched??

Or to re sell them to a unsuspecting customer, since we were told they pulled the new ones off new wheels and thats why they needed the old ones or else the new wheels would be garbage!! So we took the truck to the newberg les schwab only because we know a guy that works there and trust him..

And would you like to guess what the shake and wobble was, THEY WERE OFF BALANCE ONLY by 4 on one side and 3.5 on the other..If they would of just balanced them like I requested in the first place..... ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER :-|

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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About balancing the tires what you said is not true grandpa. You do not need to remove the weights before you balance a tire that has been previously balanced. Most tires especially car tires do not require another balance unless they lose a weight or have lost a lot of rubber since they were balanced last either way you can run the balance machine with the old weights and it will determine whether or not a change in weight is needed often it is not.


A few things my daughter failed to mention. First of all she stated they had moved to Tillamook, when actually they live thirty miles south of Tillamook.

(You add up the trips, mileage and wasted time). Now, I mentioned I am grandpa, my daughters vehicle had a charging problem so she took it to the closest Schwab store to where she was located, along with my five month old granddaughter riding shotgun. They checked the rig out and ended up selling her a new battery and told her that would solve the problem. Well guess what, not too far down the road the rig died and would not start.

Cars will run on the voltage out of the battery until it's gone if the alternator is not doing it's job. If they had load tested the battery or checked the alternator they would have known the problem, unless they were not properly trained to do their job. Speaking of lack of training, I almost wet myself when I saw this one, she had taken her rig in to have her wheels balanced and rotated. When she got home she told me it was even worse than before.

I looked at the nice shiny new weights on the front of the wheels, then I crawled under and saw the ugly old weights still on the back of the wheels from the last time they were balanced.

The first thing you do is take the old weights off before you do a new balance. I think the Les Schwab quality control needs some help.

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