Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania

Recently quoted a price for tires at Schwab, given a pro-rated adjustment for old tires that did not reach warranty mileage. Salesman installed different tires than quoted, price was more than quoted.

Removed tires, replaced with same as quoted. Three (3) different prices each time.

It appears valve stem prices varied from 4.50 to 2.00 per tire, mounting and balancing differed by .50 cents per tire. Be careful, Schwab is not happy about standing by mileage quotes and makes up the difference in miscellaeneous add-ons.

Each dealer is different and each salesman must be working on a commission.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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no commision givin


no they do work on commission ***


after working for the company, and both kinds of store, member franchise and company store, i can assure you that you are mistaken when you say they must be working on a commission

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