Yesterday at my local Eugene, Oregon Les Schwab tire center I went in for a yearly tire rotation. This is a once a year process that they recommend.

Now I got my car back and checked the inside of my tires because I marked them to see if they would rotate them or just say they did. Well I got my car back the rotate one side and billed for all four sides that god I bought my tires there or else I would of had to pay $22 for a job not done.

When I call them this morning they said it was done and then I told them I know they didn't, then they rotated the passenger side and not the driver side and it was the other way around, anyways they said it didn't need it and I told them that I was told to do it every year, but the case is if a customer ask you to do something and you don't, but you recommend it there is something definetaly wrong here.

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I think the guy was totally in his rights to check for a job done. I am suspicious it happens to much. The sick part is the losers blasting the customer for reporting an obvious robery, yes you steal when you do not deliver as offered.


Ya , actually they recomend rotation every 3 to 5000 miles genious . If you only rotate once a year .

id have to see what you airpreshure is like . or even the condition of your motor oil


I am not surprised , since this generation seems to ave no idea what SERVICE is..If you promise something to the public you need to deliver. If it is an honest mistake then you should have been instructed to return to the store so it could be done properly.

YOU are the customer and Mr Scwhab knew that, alas he is gone and corpoprate craziness is all we have left. :sigh


Sometime the company has to, to look out for fucktards like your self. You go through all that trouble to try to catch the store in a lie.


It's just the darndest thing! I can't believe you only rotate your once a year...perhaps you do not drive more than 5k miles a year (they reccomend a rotate every 5k miles-not once a year btw). Life must suck when you spend so much wasted time trying to catch people making an honest mistake.....unless your real name is Jessica Fletcher or Agatha Christie!

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