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What is not good for Business? I have been going to Les Swabs for over 35 years and

Have liked going there, never have thought that there prices was better than anyone else

But the service was far a way above the rest. So when I went into the store in Molalla and had my tire repaired for a flat. After they were done came to me and told me it would

Be 12.50 for the charge. Never!!! Have I had to pay for a flat there, they should have told me up front, but no. the lady said it has always been a rule but never enforced. That it was "good Business" to charge. good Business to charge and never get a customer back? I have always bought my tires there, was planning to get a set next week, but if they are only about the money the *** with them, I will go to the local dealer and give them my business. This pissed me off so much. They charge for a flat also but are up front with it.

I have never complained about a company before but this is wrong, like a old friend charging you for a drink when you come over. Well not coming over again.

Review about: Les Schwab Tire Centers Repair.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Free !! Is not the point *** hole! The point is why coulnt they have said there was a change in the poilicy and not say the have always done it this way " good for buisness" then to charge me 12.50 for a flat!


everybody wants something for free, and *** when they don't get it. amazing.

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