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My wife drives a 2000 Jetta and one of the *** lites came on indicating "Front Brake pads worn"… She brought it in to the Les Schwab Tire Center at 631 Harbor Blvd, West Sacramento, Ca. They told her that the pads in front and back were bad and worn down to bare metal on the inside pad..did not say which ones… They gave her an estimate of $ 880.29 for what Les Swab calls "Complete Disc Brake Service" which included Remanufactured Calipers (front and rear), Machining of Brake Rotors front and rear, new pads & Labor….

My wife was flabbergasted as she expected to just need Front pads… She left Schwab telling them she would think about it, even though they told her they could do the work right away…I guess they did not want her to think too long and thought because she was a woman they could get over on her…

She brought the car to a trusted mechanic who has done work on the Jetta b4… He checked out the complete brake system and found that the rotors and calipers were fine and that only the front pads needed replacing.. the back pads still had a good 5,000 miles left on them… He charged her $ 131.00 total parts and labor to replace only the front pads…

The next day I went back to Schwab and spoke to the manager telling him what our mechanic found that really needed replacing. ( I guess those *** lights can be real accurate at times…lol) The manager said that perhaps his mechanic was excessive about the car needing calipers but then defended him by saying Schwab has a written service policy on Brake Repair and handed me a copy of it which listed a complete brake system replacement. Calipers, Rotors, pads seals were and all…

While I was at Schwab I saw a sign issued by the California Consumer Affairs dept.. So I will be lodging a complaint in the morning about this shop.

Anyway,,,,,buyer be ware of Les Schwab !!!!

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I have been a loyal customer of west sac les schwaab for almost 10 years.They know my name and have always provided the best customer service to my personal cars as well as to the cars of people I have refered to them.

I had an instance where they did a complete race suspension on my car and I was having problems with a squeeking noise from the front end. I had my car there 3-4 times a week for about 3 weeks before they figured out what it was.....it was very irritating to have to give up my car for most of the day while they tried to figure it out, but in the end they fixed the problem and I payed nothing. They even threw $350 discount on my account for the trouble. No business is perfect in everything.

I can honestly say Les Schwaab West Sac turely cares about their customers and does everything in their power to insure that we are satisfied and taken care of.

300c- 22" rims, coilover suspension, adjustable control arms, tie rods, camber kit in rear, new ball joints and lower control arms, sway bars........all installed by Les Schwaab.Rides great!


I took my car to them and after they got done I had to take it back my breaks we're grinding they told me that my roters were worped they weren't that way before so they must of done it while they machine them they f*** them up and instead of honoring their warranty they me to 200$ on top of 400$ I already gave them!


Actually, les schwab is COMPLETELY unscrupulous and blatently ripping people off on ALL brake jobs that they do. I am a 20yr ASE master tech in the medford area. I have seen schwabs work come into my shop time and time again. The one pattern is that ANY brake job gets calipers, rotors, pads, and heck maybe a master cylender too.

This is fine if the car needs it, but i guarantee not every car does.

I have had cars that I inspected, measured the rotors, and recommended brakes(the only defective part being the pads) The calipers and rotors were fine. It was the cars first brake job at 35k miles.

Well, the customers hubby apparently got tires at schwab and got slammed with a $900 front brake repiar instead of a $100-$200 max repair(200 if resurfacing rotors.

I dont know how this store doesnt draw some needed attention from the states attorne generals. IMO they should be prosecuted across the board for selling un necessary repairs as a matter of policy.

Do yourselves a favor america, stay away from schwab


Les Schwab has free popcorn in their waiting rooms.


i love you pencil pushin morons my brothers aunts uncle step son said my brakes were ok only needed to put pads.did he measure the rotors,check the boots on the calipers or the pins probably not.i hope you feel good about the next panic stop and the rotors fade.yes there are sheisters out there for sure but i bet there are some in your line of work too.ps i dont work for ls


Sorry archerman. R U Les's reincarnation?


It sounds like some real loyal l.s. customers (L.S employee goones) in here. yes they will bend you over and *** you dry. I had bought 4 toyo tires and had a sidewall blow out, went to the store to buy a new tire and was told they couldnt sell me 1 tire i needed to buy 4 since the other 3 had been driven on and now the radius would be off from the other tires. Makes alot of sense except that i had only driven around 3100 on the set. The desk clerk was embarrassed to tell me this since the manager told her to tell me. It was fine since tire factory was down the road and would sell me 1 tire. Goldendale,wa

Also took my pick up in for a rotation and was told my brakes were metal on metal and i needed to change my front inner pads for only 220. 4 years later or 2 weeks ago i changed out all my rotors and pads myself for 160.00.

The dalles, Or

Was starting a job around seattle, 3 hrs away had 2 blow outs in one trip. One on the free way got it changed and the other one in the les schwab parking lot (i thought it was lucky) made it 5 minuted b4 closing and was told it was too late to change a tire and would have to wait until they opened. I had to sleep in my car and miss my first day of work.

25 minutes E of Seattle, Wa

Needed a road force balance for my cadillac, L.S was the closest place with this balancer, went in and was told my tires were too worn for them to touch them. I was heading on a 700 mile trip the next day and was in dire...

The Dalles, Or

wow, i come to think of it L.S is a *** terrible place and i only come here in emergency situations after my first bad experience.

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Don't be ignorant, you obviously don't udnerstand how things work.Especially if you really REALLY you think these days, a company like LS is going to rip off your wife?


Yeh they have been in business for this long because they rip people off.Don't be an ***.


People need to educate themselves about the cars they drive that way when you go in for a repair you will not be totally clueless.Get a repair manual and study it so you know what to look for when something goes wrong.

Google is great for looking up stuff on different cars. As for Schwab brake jobs the warrenty is only good for a complete brake job that way if something goes wrong they can blame it on the new parts.

The majority of autos don't need this unless the system is totally wasted by neglect.Bottem line is get to know your car so you can be informed about it's needs.


I can not find anywhere on les schwab web site to contact their headquarters to give them the opportunity to inspect my vehicle after one of their stores told me I needed new upper ball joints on my Expedition.They were not holding a gun to my head so I left and have since had my fathers mechanic take a look at them when replacing front axle boots.

He, age 51, told mw they were fine and that les schwab was milking the job. So a $56.25 front end alignment turned into a $565.80 price quoatation.

Les Schwab is welcome to re-inspect my vehicle.Quote# 70551 Store# 625

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