Villa Ridge, Illinois

We recently did business with 2 Les Schwab tire places: Grant's Pass, OR and Lake View, OR. Both presented us with a bid for replacing all 4 brakes when we came to pick up the car. Both told me the brakes wouldn't last till I got home to Iowa.

The second one made me especially mad, because he really tried to scare me, telling me it would be dangerous to drive through the mountains and that I wouldn't make it 200 miles, that my brakes were metal on metal, etc.

The first one was less insistent, but more incompetent. Instead of replacing the bald tire that I wanted to get rid of, they replaced a perfectly good one and left the bald one on the car (which is why I had to stop at the second place).

Luckily, I had sked my mechanic to check my brakes before I left on the trip, so I wasn't duped (but I was scared all the same). In any case, we made it home to Iowa (2000+ miles) and the brakes are still working fine! And by the way, the Les Schwab tires cost me about double what they would have cost me at home. These people are SCAM ARTISTS!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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