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I own a 1999 Ford Expedition and on Feb 2, 2007 Les Schwab on 3235 West 5400 South in Taylorsville, Utah replaced my rear brakes and rear shocks. On Feb 9, 2011 I had my vehicle in for its semi annual maintenance checks and service. The mechanic at that shop informed that the passenger rear shock was upside down. He also told me the last mechanic who replaced my rear brakes last left on the brake line hose clamp.

I had the repair shop take pictures of the mistakes so I could show them to Les Schwab, when I arrived at Les Schwab I was greeted by an employee, who asked, "can I help you?" I said, "yes, I have a problem", and showed him the pictures. I then told him the story about the other shop and another employee came over and looked at the pictures. He told me, some shocks are installed in that position and that it may look upside down, but in fact could have been installed the right way. I kind of looked at him with a bewildered look on my face. I'm thinking, "wow this guy thinks I'm an ***."

When I asked about the brake clamp, the second employee asked if anything on the truck was damaged because of the clamp, nothing was. But I told him, that isn't what concerns me. I was more concerned that because brakes are one of the MOST important safety device on the vehicle, I was worried about the times I transported my family and what would of happened if something bad occurred and me and my family were injured. He said nothing did, so it's not that big of a deal. WELL I THINK IS IS A BIG DEAL!! Come on you can't tell me my family isn't a big deal.

I can think of at least twice over the last 4 years, I had gone to Les Schwab about the rear of my truck rocking too much when I go over bumps, but both times, and nothing was done. I was told everything was fine. That is how trucks are supposed to ride. I also remember that when I did have the shocks replaced, I had to take the truck back the next day because when I went over bumps it would hit hard and there was not cushion. Well, they forgot to turn the air compressor for the airbags back on after they replaced the shocks.

Another employee asked me what I wanted, I was dumbfounded at this question, because honestly I was so upset, I didn't know what I wanted. They ended up warranting the rear shocks and gave me two packages of the meat promotion they have going on.

I want to be reimbursed for the inconvenience this has caused me, I spent an hour in the shop having the rear shocks replaced.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I too had to go back to les schwab due to there mistake..don't expect anything for your time.

I even called there corporate office and guess what......no apology. This is the only company I have ever heard of were even there corporate doesn't care about the customer. I used to love les schwab and trusted them with my car but the lack of customer service gives me no choice but to shop other places.

All I want is something for my time.Mistakes happen, I understand, but don't blame the customer.

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