Needed a back tire fixed that had a nail it. They told me they coudn't because the front tires were to worn, they said I could sue them if the front tires went out, but if I took the tire off myself it would be O.K.

for them to fix. So I had to buy some used tires so that they would fix the tire. Say Les, have you ever head of a release form? Doctors use it all the time incase you dye from the operation.

I also notice that there high milage tires don't go as far as they use to, Are you ripping us off? I will never buy from Les Schwab again!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Yeah they have the forms your requesting, they're right next to the stupidity customer release form... Why would any company want to risk anything just so you can ride dirty, bald tires are dangerous and illegal


actualy we do have release forms behind the counter. but we only use them when customers will not budge and the equipment is sub standard...we don't want to get sued over scare tactics.


This is a common practice of les schwab and tjere is zero truth to the statement you cannot sue them for that only if yhey tire the just put on blows and causes major injury or damage could you sue and even yhen you have to prove the tire wasnt damaged in the distance you drove on it which is pretty much impossible to do


No company will draw up such a form just for you. Hospitals and such have them because of how often a situation occurs in which they NEED those forms. It happens very rarely in the tire trade.

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