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I too have had issues with the Les Schwab where I live. I have bought 3 sets of tires and a set of rims there. I went in with a flat and I was using my spare which has the same rim as the rest of the tires. I bought 4 new tires and drove away. A few months later I wound up with a flat because of a nail. I went to the trunk to change it on the road and my spare wasn't in there. It was a fiasco. I called the tire center and told them and they said that they don't store peoples tires and rims there sorry. WTF!! Shouldn't they have put my spare back in the trunk after they put on my new tires? I didn't ever think to check it till I got a flat two months later. I didn't ask them to store my spare at their shop. I went down there to have them check again and it was gone. So where is my spare? Noone there seemed to care it was just like Oh well sorry we don't do this or that bye. Now I have to buy another rim and a brand new tire. I WONT be buying it from Les Schwab. My husband also owns a car lot and he USED to do all of his cars at Les Schwab, awww their loss.

Along with the missing spare, when they put my new tires on they scratched up my rims terribly and when I called them on it they were like we didn't do that it was already there. Needless to say I own a Jag and I am anal about my car. I know my rims weren't messed up when I took my car in. Why don't they take ownership for their mistakes. And their site has no contact us info so who do you complain too?

Goodbye forever Les Schwab.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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