Quantico, Virginia

bought a set of $800 tires and les schwab insisted siping would prolong, as well as enhance performance of the tires, so i had it done. its been about 6 months now and the tires are coming apart in chunks.

i have been to two stores, including the one i purchased the tires at. neither store thinks anything is wrong, its just cosmetic. i personal have junked the tires, voiced my opinion, and will never by from les schawb again.

im just stunned that a company so big won't back their product and rplace a couple tires...

oh, and i told the rest of the united states army to do the same. later les!!!

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yeah, tires rule!


there are a lot of factors that can negatively affect siped tires. if you drive a deisel or haul heavy loads, if you spin-off or burn-off your tires, and if you are hard on your tires.

thats it. period.

if you have normal behavior , then you will have normal time wear on any tire siped or not. DONT BE DUMB!


i just got back from Les Schwab and they wont replace my tires either and told me the flat spot was due to skidding..well i know for a fact its not..i took the tires to another place and was told the tire is coming apart and is known to do this...the guy i took it to said he salls the same tire and they are KNOWN to come apart...so yeah i know the feeling and will never buy from there again


That 200,000.00 a year engineer who designs tires? Yeah he probably worked for like michelin or bridgestone or even toyo or maybe even goodyear wait it could have been yokohama or sumitomo or nitto or procomp....

pretty much every tire dealer out there or at least the major ones. My point is why don't you read a magazine!! all of those tire dealers offer major lines with siping included in the tread design no exceptions. that engineer is the one that came up with the siping idea!

in fact he designed the machine that makes it so a four year old could sipe tires and then sold it to Les Schwab. that "10.00" employee cutting up the tire has nothing to do with it except try and do an honest day's worth of work.

something i'm sure if you were in his place you couldn't do. i bet if you worked in a Les Schwab the pace of work would either kill you or you would be forced to quit in the first week.


I am not a tire expert by Far

And personally I would never do it.

It may help in performance, if properly done. (Consumer reports don't advise it.)

However Remember you have a $10.00/hr person cutting into a tire that a $200,000.00 year Engineer designed.

To me that just sounds like Trouble to begin with.

I personally think Siping is a way to get extra bucks out of someone and the practice IMO should only be done on racing Vehicles.

I don't think the issue was caused from the tires, but the $10.00/hr person doing it... To me that's the issue...

And to all who read this, I advise not to Sip on Vehicles that drive on public roads. (Pick up Consumer Reports on this topic.)

In addition I would have contacted the Corporate Headquarters of

Les Schwab

717 NW Madras Highway

Prineville, OR97754

(541) 416-5143

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