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Purchased a 50 Month Battery, exchanged it on Nov 9, 2009! Would not hold a charge or start vehicle.

So I went and took my receipt and battery to a sales representative. They did a test on it, and said it was above the necessary requirements and would not exchange it again! I replied it does not start my vehicle after the first start. So I am always looking for a jump which really makes me unhappy.

I suggested, what if I upgrade the battery and pay the difference. Was told NO!

I am a very unhappy Les Schwab customer!!! And will spread the word to family, friends and associates!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you have a GM car, be sure the alternator belt is SUPER TIGHT or it wont charge.

Next time, get it jumped and go directly to LS to test the whole system.

PS Im in the same boat before bringing in my battery.

They WERE supposed to come out and do it for an extra $45, but two days later and still nothing...

My health precludes me going anywheres other then MD appts.


Battery should of come in WITH the car.

Could be a secondary cause for problems.

With GM cars, if the belt isnt SUPER TIGHT the alternator wont charge the battery.


Les Schwab is only out for the almighty buck and they don't care about the customer or customer service UNLESS your one of their big accounts. I wonder what good ol Les Schwab would think of this if he were still alive????

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