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I have a classic auto that i put grand am tires on, tires have about 1000 miles since new. Only driven to cruz or shows, flats always fixed at Les Schwab.They are about 10 years old with 98 percent tread.

One seperated and they wanted to charge over 70% of new tire cost becouse tire prices have increased. Warranty is still warranty... they have lost my business,...

beware of there warranty , At one time i worked for Les Schwab and this kind of thing would never have happened. The company has made a big change and not for the good.

Monetary Loss: $117.

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umm lets see, where to start tired of reading complaints like yours when its the customers fault but you want something for free, and I really have a hard time really feeling sorry for someone who goes on a website to complain is soo uneducated can not even spell or I should say use the correct spelling of "their" you used the word there wrong word wrong meaning ***


Your lack of use resulted in tire failure. Tires arent guaranteed forever, just actual miles AND specific time.

If your warranty doesnt limit the time, take it to another dealer and contact corporate offices.

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