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My mom and I had purchased a second set of used rims for our Volvo car at the west Salem. They sold me two bent rims out of four.

I had bought the second set of rims because I was moving to Kayenta, Arizona to work with the Navajo tribe at their new hospital as their pharmacist. It is rurally located and the nearest town of civilization is over 150 miles one way. The second rims were put on the regular tires because at that time I had my winter tires on with the rims that were bought with the car. Once winter ended I was going to drive to a tire shop close to where I was living to switch to regular tires.

I ended up switching from snow tires to regular tires last month. Mom had come out to visit me for my birthday and we drove to Farmington, New Mexico to get the tires switched. That's over 300 miles round trip (5 hours). Like driving from Salem to Kalamath falls.

As soon as the tires were switched we noticed vibrations coming from the car. It was immediate, we would have obviously felt the vibrations on our trip out to Farmington, New Mexico going over 65 miles per hour. We had to take it to a different shop since the first shop had closed. They immediately told us that two rims were bent.

We had not used the rims at all since the purchase. I called Les Schwab and told them what happened. At first they wanted me to bring the rims in but that was impossible for me since I live in Kayenta, Arizona. Next he wanted me to ship the rims to him and he wanted me to pay for the shipping.

I explained that I had not used the rims since I had purchased it and that they had sold me bent rims. After much convincing he said he would ship me new rims paid for by Les Schwab. I then took it to a place that was closer to me that put on the new rims. But vibrations still continued.

It was found that one of the tires was not good. I called Les schwab to see why this was not noticed. The manager in west Salem was rude to me and very cold about it. I ended taking the car 3 times closer by.

Then I had to drive to flagstaff, Arizona which is 150 miles one way (again 5 hours round trip) to get new tires at discount tires. The new tires did not fix the vibration problem. I talked it with Discount Tires and we concluded it was probably the rims. So I had to drive back to Kayenta and pick up the tires and drive back to Flagstaff, Arizona to bring the snow tires which had the original rims to Discount Tires the next day.

Once they switched and put the original rims on the new tires there was no vibrations. That again was another 300 mile round trip. The Discount Tires told me that Les schwab had sold me the wrong rims for my car. They had sold me SUV Volvo rims instead of the right rims for my Volvo car.

In total I drove 1000 miles and had to go to the auto shop 7 times to get this fixed because Les Schwab had sold me the wrong rims. My mom had come out from Oregon to visit me on my birthday and we spent a majority of her trip trying to find out what was wrong with the car. And after she left their was stil issues because the vibration problem was not fixed. My parents have been loyal customers to Les Schwab for over 20 years but I cannot believe how I was treated by Les Schwab.

They had told me that when they sold me the rims they had gotten from a reputable company. Yet they did not bother to check if the rims were bent when they sold it to me. And they did not check to see if they fit my tires at all. They blamed the company that sold them the rims instead of taking responsibilities.

I am very unhappy with Les Schwab and will no longer do business with you guys because of the way I was treated. Like I have stated in the beginning of this paragraph my parents have been loyal customers for over twenty years and they will also no longer do business with Les Schwab. And the store in west Salem know mom well. Every time she comes in they know her by first name.

That is how loyal my parents have been.

I drove close to 1000 miles total, had to make 7 trips to 4 different auto shops, had to take time off of work, had to spend a majority of moms trip out here to figure out what the issue was. And the whole time the issue was that Les Schwab had sold me the wrong rims.

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