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When I first moved here I enjoyed using Schwabb for tires, but only used once and had good service. Afterwards I had my brakes done.

They used the wrong parts, reversed the pads somehow and by doing this ruined my rotars. Finnally had to have dealership fix brakes at considerable amount. Made mistake #2 and brought my car a few years later for tires. Run flat tires are standard for my car, Schwabb tried to tell me they were not run flat for 20 minutes we argued.

Finally he went back and came back to me and said yes there run flat tires. The price was almost double what the Toyota dealership wanted. Went to the dealer once again. I heard a story today about brakes being done and catching fire a few miles down the road; they had tighened some bolts to tightly.

The more and more I hear the more I believe this business has no business being open to serve the public.

Almost criminal as to how they operate, anyone using them there are so many other choices, use anyone but Schwabb. This downfall has all been since the owner passed, whoever is now runnnig the corporate office should resign..

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Maybe try a different store?


No one deserves to be wronged by any means but I guess what goes around comes around.. Les Schwab probably did not intend on putting on wrong parts on your car on purpose but could've just been a mistake on their part.

No reputable business wants to wrong anybody.

I think it could've been just the wrong place at the wrong time for everyone that day. With Les Schwab tires taken out of the equation, I don't know what you've done in your past but maybe if you treat people how you want to be treated, maybe, just maybe good things will happen to you instead of bad things.

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