The Les Schwab Dealer in Santa Rosa, California started the process of replacing the wrong tires. The situation just snow-balled from there.The Rexberg store sent me the wrong tire.

After selling me the wrong tire the manager told me that I should park my car for a week while they try to get me another one. This is after I originally went in and asked for two front tires to be replaced and instead they changed the rear tires. The manager told me this is proper procedure.

The dealer service department told me the opposite. Lesson to be learned is go to the computer first before going to the tire store or surely you will end up here

Review about: Les Schwab Tire Centers Manager.

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You would think someone calling someone *** would know how to spell it, if I ask for my front tires to be replaced, they darn-well better replace the FRONT ones....


In reading the responses to this complaint I have had a thought...if the customers wants his front tires changed then it is the shops job to do what the customer wants...after all he is the one paying for it!!!


You my friend are a ***. DOT recommends your best tires be on the rear of the vehicle to help prevent over steer.

I just googled it. Maybe you should have done that instead of writing a worthless complaint.


I have worked for a number of auto dealerships and let me tell ya...every single one of them reccomends doing exactly what Les Schwab did.. put the rear tires to the front and put the new on the rear.

Every dealership i have worked for has always trusted Les Schwab to do all of their tire/wheel/lift packages. Never a single problem ever!


maybe they rotated the front to the rear?

your car can be subject to oversteer causing loss of controll with too much grip in the front end v. the rear


read your owners manual stuppid ,or maybe your car is to old to have one

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