I had trouble with Les Schwab's Sutherlin OR franchise. The owner is arrogant and rude.

The last time he refused to sell me the tire size that was recommend in the Ford owners manual for my car. He told me that it was the wrong size tire for that wheel and that would not sell me the size I was looking for. When I left there I went to Big O who had my tire size in stock and I have been using them ever sense. In the 4 years sense that incident I have look at a lot of web sites that carry perfomance parts for my car and all of them recommended the tire and wheel combination that I tried to buy at Les Schwab.

I have not done any buisness with Les Schwab Tire Center sense that time.

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35's on a Rav 4 Dumb ***, no go roll over and kill someone


That story was meant to sound rediculous just like the poor guy above with his little tire problem.


I had the same problem! I tried to get them suckers to put 35" toyo mud terrain tires on my toyota rav4....and they wouldn't do it!

SO i did what any smart person would do...I went down to tijuana, Mexico and had them cut the fenders...sides and do a backyard fab job on my suspension. After that I went back to the states and went to discount and they didn't have toyo's so i went with some other brand!

Now my car may not look the same but i have 35's on my rav4! *** les swabs!

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